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Did Mark Sanford go to Argentina because he was rejected by

In another stunning development in the ongoing Mark Sanford fiasco, Over the Line, Smokey! has learned that Sanford may have been trying to “dig some potatoes” a little closer to home than Argentina, but was rejected by, because of a statement he made in his application:
Over the Line, Smokey! cannot vouch for the authenticity of this document, although it was obtained from a reliable source.*

*the internet, I think it’s called.

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So I guess straight anal sex is expensive and not very safe….

“In the end”, there must be something wonderful about it, that I don’t get.

Then there was this headline:

Sources: Spitzer’s seen at least seven prostitutes.

“seen”? hey, they’re hookers, not proctologists…. how about “jumped” or “screwed” or ….well, you get the idea…

But the most dangerous thing he did was being a Democrat who prosecuted crooks on Wall Street. That’s why he’s going down. Hiring hookers doesn’t get prosecuted otherwise.

That’s what wiretaps are for, if you’re a Republican.


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Dr. Robert Jarvik, inventor of the fake rowing scene for Lipitor


Congress has been asking some tough questions while wearing their serious faces about why Dr. Richard Jarvik (inventor of the Jarvik artificial heart) is shilling Lipitor when he’s not actually licensed to practice medicine.

ABC News says that Dr. Jarvik has been paid a guaranteed $1.35 million for the ads, which feature him espousing the virtues of Lipitor in a doctoriffic-looking lab coat and rowing around a lake talking about “when diet and exercise aren’t enough.”

Here’s our favorite part of the story—the New York Times says that Dr. Jarvik uses a stunt double when he’s shown rowing in the commercials.

As it turns out, Dr. Jarvik, 61, does not actually practice the sport. The ad agency hired a stunt double for the sculling scenes.
“He’s about as much an outdoorsman as Woody Allen,” said a longtime collaborator, Dr. O. H. Frazier of the Texas Heart Institute. “He can’t row.”


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Dufus wins GOP primary in Iowa

I couldn’t be more pleased.  Evangelicals were 60% of the few GOP voters who gave a shit.

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Bill Kristol and the passing of the Peter Principle

Famously and consistently wrong pundit Bill Kristol, recently booted by TIME magazine, somehow gets a gig at the NY Times.

John Cole:

if the Peter Principle were true, George Bush and Bill Kristol would be the street-cleaner and dogcatcher in Crawford, Texas.


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Move to declare Steve Fossett and NY Knicks officially dead


The wife of American adventurer Steve Fossett has filed a court petition to get him declared legally dead.
Mr Fossett has been missing for three months since his single-engine plane disappeared over the Nevada desert.

The Knicks have been playing for three months:

it’s safer to stare into the sun and count to a thousand than watch the Knicks without those glasses.

… People used to hearing about the Knicks being bad may be overlooking the fact that they’re actually considerably worse this season. Last year, they were 17th in offense and 24th in defense (in efficiency terms). The year before that, they were 25th in offense and 26th in defense. This year they’re 26th in offense — a new low! But they’re also dead last in defense — another new low! In short, they’re really, really, really terrible and there’s essentially no end in sight.

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TIME magazine names Putin as Person of the Year, puts itself in contention for Smokey Award

TIME may have thought they gave it to Al Gore last year. Not.

Al Gore is hated and feared by a lot of people who have money and power. Witness the sliming of Gore, global warming, and also the entire Nobel Prize itself.

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Joe Klein moves into serious contention for Smokey Award

[h/t ThinkProgress]

The competition for Smokey Awards is pretty tough again this year, but Joe’s year-long performance, in print and on his blog, capped by his crapurulent lies about the FISA bill (and his subsequent fandangos around the truth) have put him into contention. I thought he was just a garden variety fool/tool. Now, with this beaut on MSNBC, he has surpassed himself on NIEgate.

The Bush reaction to this — he didn’t try to block it. He didn’t try to postpone it. He didn’t spend weeks, he didn’t ask the intelligence community ‘give me a couple of weeks, let’s see if we can figure out some kind of negotiating initiative or some way to respond to this.’ He didn’t try to spin it to our advantage. This is an amazing moment of candor by the United States.

Breathtaking. George Bush and candor. Is there such a thing as a parody of a caricature? if there is, Joe Klein is it.

A skeptical Joe Scarborough responded to Klein’s cheerleading for the administration, stating, “Well that’s one way to look at it,” then explained that Bush continued to warn of World War III with Iran despite knowing better. Klein chuckled, “There is that…”

He may not eclipse Dick Cheney for the top Smokey statuette, but who could? We at least one category into which Joe would fit very nicely….
Yes, Mrs. Jamtoss 5th Period** Circled Big Red D Award, we’re lookin’ at you….

[Interestingly, OTLS! notes that Joe gives out “Teddy” Awards every year; whew, that is too close for comfort.]

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Sony: carry your camera in your TWA/T, “draw envious looks…”

I might have named it something other than a TWA/T, but what do I know? They say it will draw “envious looks.”

Will we see ads with “commando” Britney getting out of a limo, with a camera….well, showing?

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Bush, Cheney respond to Al Gore’s Nobel Peace Prize

Bush: I’ll win that prize in 2032; the deciders of it will realize that I’m a noble person. Just look at all the photo ops I did in New Orleans.

Cheney: They can go f**k them selves.


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