Over the Line, Smokey!: fouls, excesses and immoderate behaviors.

Smokey turns from his last roll to look at Walter.
WALTER: I’m sorry, Smokey….
You were over the line. That’s a foul.
—–The Big Lebowski

From left:  JIMMY DALE GILMORE as Smokey, STEVE BUSCEMI (background) as Donny, JEFF BRIDGES as The Dude and JOHN GOODMAN as Walter in "The Big Lebowski," a Jel and Ethan Coen film released by Gramercy Pictures.
From left: JIMMY DALE GILMORE as Smokey, STEVE BUSCEMI (background) as Donny, JEFF BRIDGES as The Dude and JOHN GOODMAN as Walter in “The Big Lebowski,” a Joel and Ethan Coen film released by Gramercy Pictures.


At Over the line, Smokey! you will find stories about those who have crossed the line, gone over the top, entered into the realm of outrageousness (good or bad). Politics, history, humor, the great outdoors, The Big Lebowski (every Saturday morning we have the weekly roundup of TBL-related news), gadgets, food and drink, whatever jumps off the page at me….and you’re welcome to whatever we got in the fridge.

Over the line, Dicky!

Over the line, Dicky!

Mark it zero, Dude.

People who are the subjects of a piece here (yes, that is Nixon and you can see that his shoe is over the line) are eligible for an Over the Line certificate, and are automatically entered in the yearly Smokey Awards competition, which culminates in the awarding of the “Smokies” each January.


Dude, I finally got the venue I wanted.

The Big Lebowski

This is my venue. I often cross-post at dailykos.com, or at Democratic Underground, or My Left Wing. My username seesdifferent reflects my perspective. I acquired this name while doing some historical research which required retranslation of Native American oral and sign-language accounts. Should there be an “-ly” at the end? or should there be an elipse? (…) Is “different” being used as an adjective or adverb? In the end, it doesn’t matter, because it’s a name. Like Smith or Jones. If Apple can do it, I can do it. Get over it. Read the stuff.


…there was a lot about the Dude
that didn’t make a whole lot of sense
to me. And a lot about where he
lived, like- wise. But then again,
maybe that’s why I found the place
s’durned innarestin’.

The Big Lebowski

22 responses to “About

  1. hey guy (or at least i thought i read you were one), great blog!

    but, uhhhh, i dunno, “kraypuppy” is kinda kool too? wait. did i just use 3 K’s in a row? damn. i just got all Republican on ya!

    anyway, always enjoy reading ya.

  2. Nice to see that one of the Little Lebowski Urban Achievers is all grown up and contributing to society and they’re not afraid to roll on shabbas…

  3. that and a pair of testicles.

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  5. penseroso

    This blog is awesome. It really ties the room together, man.

    I’ve been obsessed with the Dude ever since the movie came out, and often ask myself, “What would the Dude do?” and then do something different. Oh well, it’s a funny way to look at the world and it has its uses.

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  8. Swartz

    Yo, do you mind posting your real name and any qualifications you have, i am intersting in citing some parts of your blog for a debate I am having in my high school.


  9. Sorry, can’t do that outing thing. Even if I did, how would you know I was telling the truth?

    What I will tell you and you can believe is that I read a great variety of sources and learn from everyone. What I find most helpful in each thing I read is “what is the news item in this story?” usually it’s one sentence. The next question is “who is the source of this story?”, and at the same time, “why did they tell this to the reporter?’ I google to find out about biases of authors, reporters, “think tanks”, and other things I don’t know much about. Very important: I never believe statistics or numbers until I get somebody else’s take on them; I use numbers in my job and I know how easy it is to make brown look like blue with some “sculpted” numbers.

    I can tell you that I’m obviously not a young person, that I remember Nixon, that I have a family, that I was raised in a Republican home, that my father held public office, and that I am a professional.

    Many of my stories are on Iraq and Iran, but I have no training other than one course in college, and a lot of understanding of lies about war, that I learned in the Vietnam era; and I take a lot of my cues from juancole.com, whom I have been reading for several years. You can read his qualifications at his site.

    If you watch a football game, and someone says, we can let you listen in on the coaches strategy, either one team, or both teams, which would you choose?

    You will never figure things out unless you hear both sides. So don’t hesitate, for example, to google Iran and go to the Iranian government site, to figure out their strategy.

    good luck.

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  11. Ethan J olivia

    Here’s a tip: GONZALES slammed in HUMILIATING D.O.J. video by GOVGAP-

    Go to http://www.govgap.com
    to see the vid.

    -Awesome blog and great theme design.


  12. clammyc

    ok, so I finally got “unlazy” and put you on my blogroll. Love your stuff, except I think you need to add tags to your posts…..

  13. no tag police here, I’m the commander guy.

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  15. Re: “Wordpress Political Blogs” tag

    There is a story behind that:


    let me know if you want to join up!


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  18. You have got to buck up, man. You cannot drag this negative energy in to the tournament!

  19. Barbara O'Brien

    Dear Over the Line,

    I just have a quick question for you but couldn’t find an email so had to resort to this. I am a progressive blogger. Please email me back at barbaraobrien@maacenter.org when you get a chance. Thanks.


  20. I need to contact the Administrator of OTLS ASAP as I would like to get permission to quote from your website in my soon to be published book,SASQUATCH FOR SALE

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