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Bigfoot sighting in San Antonio

Bigfoot footprint makers

Early reports suggested multiple callers had reported a Bigfoot sighting on the west side of San Antonio (now there is an isolated, inaccessible habitat suitable for hiding a 7 foot animal. Not).

The creature was said to have come out of the woods and killed a deer, and carried its prey back into the woods. Tabloid-esque media coverage was a given:

Bigfoot roaming San Antonio? It MAY be possible!

A representative of the regional Bigfoot investigation organization (yes, there are dozens of such groups, sitting by the phone, ready to speed to the scene of bigfoot sightings, vocalizations, suspicious (for want of a better word) feces or “eaten homework”) was dispatched to the scene. The 911 call tape revealed that the two callers were a homeless couple who had been living in the woods for seven years, and that the woman related that the monster had devoured the deer, while her husband says the animal carried it off. Strangely, it seems that no physical traces of this bloody encounter were found.
A local media report suggests the Bigfoot investigator aka “expert” might have brought some 13 1/2 inch footprints to the scene:

Local reporters around the area with Tullos and didn’t find anything at first, but a short time later, a set of tracks was spotted that Tullos said did not look like those that would be made by a human.

I’m hoping the homeless couple were successful in obtaining whatever assistance they were seeking: heat, shelter, food….. I imagine a 911 report of a Bigfoot works better than a letter to Santa, especially since the couple didn’t have a chimney.

As for the Bigfoot expert, here are pictures of his inhuman footprints. For his information, a 13 1/2 inch footprint can be made by size 13 or 14 boots. But he thinks “… the jury is still out on this one.” and “I will update as things unravel.”
Interesting choice of words.

Another Bigfoot investigator has contacted the homeless couple by phone, and finds their story(s) convincing, in spite of the woman’s inconsistent stories and accounts of paranormal sensations.

She claims that “government vehicles” have been driving all around the area since she called 911 and that sometimes they park for hours at a time. She says she has heard a very high frequency sound come from the vehicles during these extended stays. She feels that the sound is intended to flush the creature out of hiding. She also feels that there is a whole family of creatures in the area and that they are trying to “communicate with her by thinking” or, in other words, telepathically. She says she now can “feel” when one or more of these animals is close by and senses a “female presence” at times.

Hmmm. I wonder just who would NOT be a credible witness for a Bigfoot investigator….someone in a straightjacket?

For further info on the Bigfoot phenomenon, see “When Prophecy Fails,” (Festinger et al. 1956).

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