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Safety Not Guaranteed

The ad that started it all

From the producers of Little Miss Sunshine, a charming romantic comedy with a touch of sci fi.  Won the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award 2012 Sundance Film Festival. There are several good reviews on the web. An extensive interview with the writer and the director can be found here. The female lead role was written for Aubrey Plaza, currently of Parks and Recreation. She showed that she can carry a film. She is interviewed here.

Another similar projects is in the works:

Deadline Uranus reports that the filmmaking team (who met all the way back when they were NYU students) [they also interned together at Saturday Night Live] have set up another project with Big Beach, the producers from Safety. For the currently-titled The Ambassador, the boys will pen the script together (for Safety, [Derek] Connolly is the lone screenwriter credited) for [Colin] Trevorrow to direct.

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