Bush, Cheney respond to Al Gore’s Nobel Peace Prize

Bush: I’ll win that prize in 2032; the deciders of it will realize that I’m a noble person. Just look at all the photo ops I did in New Orleans.

Cheney: They can go f**k them selves.



Filed under Al Gore, Bill Kristol: is he smarter than you?, celebrities in the news, Condoleezza Rice: tell me again, what is her job?, Countdown to attack on Iran, Dick Cheney: Hannibal Lector in disguise?, FEMA/Homeland Security

2 responses to “Bush, Cheney respond to Al Gore’s Nobel Peace Prize

  1. You nailed them both perfectly! 😉

  2. Wellwhen someone like al gore gets a medal for using lies and deception which i might add he knew to rip people of selling them dvds ,he should be charged with fraud ,since the uk court decision on his documentry its only a matter of time before people who were conned by him wake up that this decision makes it very easy to sue and win huge amounts !!he is a fraud and to think countries around the world are using this info to get taxes i think it is a great fraud on all people .lies are lies and that is fact .!! sue gore i say then watch the greens duck for cover !!

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