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Image: Mark Sanford’s vehicle at Atlanta airport

Sanford's vehicle photographed at Atlanta airport

Sanford's vehicle photographed at Atlanta airport

Now, of course, there are a lot of men named Mark Sanford.


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GOP reaction to Sanford progressing from WTF? to GTFO!

Reaction of the GOP to the several phases of the Mark Sanford fiasco:

Appalachian phase

Appalachian phase

Argentina phase

Argentina phase

King David phase

King David phase

AP interview phase

AP interview phase

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American Psycho Sanford trumpets tea parties: “tipping point of American psyche.”

whackyOn Fox News SC Gov. Mark Sanford endorsed the radical, astroturfed “tea parties”, calling them a “tipping point of American psyche.” Here’s a guy who ought to know about psyche tipping points

The unspooling of S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford continued unabated today, as South Carolina’s embattled and increasingly erratic chief executive painted himself into a corner with additional admissions that contradicted previous confessions about his affair with Argentine lover Maria Belen Chapur – and cast a wider net of women he has engaged in inappropriate conduct with.

Specifically, the governor admitted that he had “crossed lines” with other women, but did not name those women and did not elaborate on what he meant by that, other than to say Chapur was the only woman with whom he had crossed “the ultimate line.”

Sanford’s confessions also netted him an investigation by S.C. Attorney General Henry McMaster, who seized on inconsistencies in the governor’s statements as a basis for requesting a criminal probe.

Aside from the legal nuts and bolts of the implosion, the galling inadvisability of the governor’s comments has Palmetto political observers – and national observers – wondering if the governor has the mental fitness to remain in office.

Among the head-scratching offerings, Sanford told the Associated Press that Chapur was his soul mate but that he was trying to fall back in love with his wife..

oh, yes….American Psycho.

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Before press conference, SC newspaper told Sanford they had him nailed.

Mark Sanford doesn’t deserve credit for coming clean on his own, according to new details published by the Columbia SC State. That newspaper not only met Gov. Mark Sanford at the Atlanta airport, but also, before Sanford’s presser that afternoon, repeatedly notified him that they had the incriminating emails and would ask him about Maria at the press conference; further, a Columbia political website had broken the news. In addition, in the meantime, McClatchy reporters had located and spoken to his mistress in Argentina. The press conference was delayed, and Sanford finally appeared and essentially only admitted the details of what the newspapers already knew. Even at that, he still dodged the fact that he and his wife were separated.

Shortly after 5 a.m. Wednesday, [State reporter] Smith went to the airport. Shortly after 6 a.m., she met a surprised Sanford. Smith was the only media member there.

Sanford said he had just arrived from Argentina. He also said he had not been on the Appalachian Trail.

When asked who he had been with in Argentina, the governor cut off the interview.

By 7:30 a.m., thestate.com had broken the news that Sanford had not been on the Appalachian Trail, but in Argentina.

In their morning meeting, State editors decided to immediately inform the governor and his inner circle about the e-mails. .

A reporter called a Sanford staffer, saying the paper had e-mails that outlined an affair between the governor and Maria. Unless Sanford would address the issue privately, The State would have no choice but to ask him — with TV crews filming — if he knew Maria at his press conference that afternoon.

The names of two other women tumbled into the newsroom.

Fearful Sanford’s staffers did not get it — that the paper would ask publicly what Sanford’s relationship was with Maria — a State editor called Davis, Sanford’s former chief of staff.

Davis, a Beaufort lawyer, recently had been elected to the state Senate. When called, he quickly said he no longer worked for Sanford.

The editor said he knew that but wanted to talk with Davis. Sanford had landed from Argentina, and the paper had e-mails about an affair with a woman in Argentina.

The editor told Davis why he thought the e-mails were genuine. They mentioned Coosaw, the Sanford plantation, and Sanford’s love of digging holes; they quoted Bible verses and contained details about Sanford’s known schedule.

And more names of women were coming in over the transom. The total was at three and counting.

“Women?!” Davis responded, sounding incredulous. “Women?!”

The editor repeated that the paper would ask Sanford publicly about Maria with TV cameras running. Jenny Sanford and the couple’s four sons should be spared that image, and it was up to Davis to ensure Sanford’s staffers “got it.”

Davis, who said he was in Beaufort, promised to call Sanford’s staff and call back.

When he called back, Davis said he was driving to Columbia.

Within minutes, a Columbia Web site operated by former Sanford staffer Folks, which regularly promotes Sanford’s agenda and Davis’ political prospects, was reporting The State had e-mails about a Sanford affair.

Meanwhile, an editor in the Washington bureau of McClatchy Newspapers, which owns The State, volunteered to arrange for a freelance journalist in Argentina to go to Maria’s Buenos Aires address, contained in the e-mails.

A woman there initially said she was Maria, but then said Maria was not there when the freelancer said she was a reporter.

Sanford’s press conference was scheduled to start at 2 p.m. It was delayed until 2:30.

NY Times:

QUESTION: Are you separated from the first lady?

SANFORD: I — I don’t know how you want to define that. I mean, I’m here and she’s there. I guess in a formal sense we’re not, but you know, what we’re — what we’re trying to do is work through something that, you know, we’ve been working through for a number of months now.

Jenny Sanford, in the Washington Post:

Jenny Sanford, 46, a former Wall Street executive whose grandfather founded a power-saw manufacturing company, did not appear at the news conference and issued a statement saying that she and her husband had agreed to a “trial separation” with the goal of “ultimately strengthening our marriage.”
“We reached a point where I felt it was important to look my sons in the eyes and maintain my dignity, self-respect, and my basic sense of right and wrong,” she said. “I therefore asked my husband to leave two weeks ago. During this short separation it was agreed that Mark would not contact us.”

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Did Mark Sanford go to Argentina because he was rejected by eHarmony.com?

In another stunning development in the ongoing Mark Sanford fiasco, Over the Line, Smokey! has learned that Sanford may have been trying to “dig some potatoes” a little closer to home than Argentina, but was rejected by eHarmony.com, because of a statement he made in his application:
Over the Line, Smokey! cannot vouch for the authenticity of this document, although it was obtained from a reliable source.*

*the internet, I think it’s called.

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UPDATED with photo of Maria Belen Shapur. Guiness Book denies Mark Sanford the world record for break-up sex.

[crossposted at Daily Kos]

Laura: Uh, oh. That couple is breaking up.

George: They’re breaking up? How do you know?

George: I don’t understand things were going so great. What happened? Something must have happened.

Breaking news from the Guiness Book of World Records:

The Guiness Book of World Records regretfully concludes that the recent pending applications by a Mr. Mark Sanford, for recognition by TGBWR in the category of

“Break-up Sex,” sub-classifications
most iterations during a four-day weekend,”
total duration“, and
longest air travel

have all been denied, videotape and boarding pass evidence notwithstanding.

TGBWR has a longstanding policy of requiring prior notification and approval of any record-setting attempts, for obvious reasons, and once notice and approval is given in one category, the event category cannot be changed. In this case, on June 12, 2009, Mr. Sanford originally applied for expedited approval in the category of

Adulterous sex, extra-territorial(intercontinental sub-group) between a married Christian but otherwise anonymous American ruling class official and an Argentine MILF, in the sub-categories of
most iterations during a ten day period including Father’s Day,” “total duration
longest prefatory air travel.”

Provisional approval for the world record attempt was given, conditional on Mr. Sanford providing THBWR with multiple webcam coverage of the activity, and provided that any videos or other records of such an attempt would become the property of THBWR. Mr. Sanford complied with these terms, and engaged in what we at TGBWR assumed was his record-breaking attempt beginning last Thursday.

Our staff was engaged in viewing and scoring the daily videos on Wednesday morning at about 6:10 am, when we received an urgent email from Mr. Sanford, in Atlanta, requesting that we destroy the tapes. After this request by refused by TGBWR, Mr. Sanford requested that we change the category of the record attempt to the category of

Break-up Sex,” sub-category
most iterations during a four-day weekend including Father’s Day,”
total duration“, and
longest required air travel.”

However, as outlined above, we cannot accept ‘post-hoc’ changes of this type, not to mention the fact that our reviews of the videos showed no evidence that the category “Make-up Sex” was appropriate. [We should note that the performances by Mr. Sanford and a “Maria” would have EASILY set world records in ALL these “Break-up” categories, had the change in classification be acceptable to TGBWR.]

Vice President, Sexual Performance Division
Guiness Book of World Records

I’d like to offer my condolences to Mr. Sanford.
On the other hand, I guess the
Sophia Loren clone can comfort him more than I can.
And by the way, I think your modification of the classic reverse Argentine leglock might qualify for our next edition. Call me.

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