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Syria: what is accomplished by sticking one’s hand in a bee’s nest and trying to kill a couple bees?

Civilian casualties will likely go up:


And this is only one scenario, under the Law of Unintended Consequences. What would happen to our reputation in the area is up for grabs. What would Israel do if we bomb Syria? would they jump in? what would happen then? what would Iran do? What would al Quaeda do? what would happen to Americans at home and abroad?

President Obama should defer to the international community on these issues, not to mention the American people (I hesitate to suggest that he consult with the craziness that is our Congress).


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Gingrich presidency = War with Iran

As if Newt Gingrich by himself weren’t bad enough. Robert Reich writes of Sheldon Adelson, the single donor who is keeping Newt in the race, and who will become the de facto leader of the free world should Gingrich somehow become president.
from the comments:

The Adelson’s are Right Wing Single Issue Kooks.

Their issue is Israel. They are among those that believe Israel has rights and privileges that trump all other nations. That thee Israeli government is by definition of being the Israeli government beyond reproach and is justified in any action to eliminate any threat, real or imagined from the Palestinians. Note that the money started flowing shortly after Newts’ statement that the Palestinians are a fictional nationality?

War against Iran is the minimum payback this guy and his pal Netenyahu (true) want from a President Gingrich.

You thought it was bad that Cheney & Bush started a war to assist American Oil Companies? How about starting a war to sate the blood lust of a paranoid foreign leader?

I am a Jew and a supporter of Israel. Just as I am an American. In both cases I refuse to go along with the concept of blind allegiance, it is the road to Hell.

My country right or wrong brought the Hell of Viet Nam in the US. Israel right or wrong can only lead to its own destruction.

Not to mention the consequences for the US, I’d be pretty sure this would spell the end of Israel, unless the US is prepared to place troops there permanently.

Welcome to the pseudo-bastion of democracy, now that the Supreme Court has handed the reins to the richest Americans and their corporations and Super PACS, via the Citizens United decision.

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