Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve: South Beach and Reserve

Just north of La Jolla, this is a great (and busy) place to hike, and there is abundant literature online. Lots of people. No pets. Don’t expect to see any wildlife. I’d make a few points/recommendations:
1. Do not park at the entrance unless you have some desire to make a long uphill (and later, downhill) hazardous hike long the edge of a narrow road; better to drive up the hill on the entrance road and park in one of the lots up on the bluff; that lets you do your hiking along the trails rather than along the entrance road.
2. Use the map available on line and at trailheads.
3. supposedly drinks (and food) are forbidden. BS… carry a water bottle. They often sell them at the trailhead. Plus, food is permitted if you are hiking to the beach (which you could pretty much claim wherever you are ha ha).
4. We started at the trailhead near the Ranger Station; and headed for the West Overlook to get an idea of the terrain.
5. take the Razor Point Trail to the cliffs
6. walk across Big Basin and turn left to reach the Beach Trail
7. take the Beach trail to the right and go down to the beach. It’s small, but refreshing. Stay away from the cliffs when on the beach.
8. take your choice on the return: either retrace your steps up the Beach Trail toward your parking lot; or, if you have water and want a much longer and boring walk, take the Broken Hill Trail, which takes you up to the abandoned section of the road, where you turn left to get back to the parking areas.

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