The Way Way Back: when is the sequel coming out?

waywayThis is a great movie. Find it, see it, and you’ll be glad. You’ll wish it was longer; that is something we never see…almost.
My god…evolution of characters…actual heroes…real life family shit…smart comedy…cultural references: spot the lyrics to “Holding Out for a Hero.”

I didn’t want the summer (in the film) to end. I didn’t want this film to end.

The facts:
Written and directed by Nat Faxon and Jim Rash. Kudos! There should be some Oscar nominations there.
Cast: Faxon and Rash also have roles in the film(Roddy and Louis); good actors. Allison Janney (from West Wing and other stuff) is a treat. Steve Carrell (are we over-exposed yet?) is good as the asshole. Liam James (a young Robbie Benson) is excellent as the protag, though I think the shoulder slump is about two clicks past believable. Kudos to Toni Collette (Little Miss Sunshine, etc)…she should get an Oscar nom for putting some real guts in this film. We even get some Rob Cowdry.

Over the Line, Smokey! rates this film 10 pins:
…that’s just like, uh… our opinion, man.



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3 responses to “The Way Way Back: when is the sequel coming out?

  1. It’s too bad movies like this almost never get sequels, but ham & cheese “blockbusters” like Transformers or other CGI-infested shit like it get sequel after sequel after sequel. And then remake after remake after remake. I could care less what happens to the characters in those god forsaken movies. But Duncan? I’d love to know what became of him 5-10 years after. Do he and Susanna remain friends or even get together? What about his father? Does he ever go live with him in Cali?

    There’s plenty of story to tell if they’d be willing to tell it.

  2. bianka

    When will the torture end of a movie ending like this.Yo when the sequel coming (hint,hint) 😉

  3. This movie needs a sequel!

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