Baby back ribs

tease the membrane from the small end of the cut. Apply a knife as shown in red, NOT on the membrane.

tease the membrane from the small end of the cut and grasp with paper towel. Cut/scrape the attachments as shown in red, but don’t cut the membrane.

Baby back ribs are not from babies, so shut up.
Mix up some coating or other, with soy sauce, garlic, pepper, coriander, brown sugar, and whatever inspires you…cajun? fine. Slow cooking is the best way to tenderize. 300 degrees or so, even less if you have all day. Cover with foil if don’t have a smoker, and just bake it. Take the foil off and turn the heat up to 350 or so off for the last half hour to brown the surface.
But before you start, unless you want to end up with a repulsive mess, you have to remove the pleural membrane, as shown in the illustration. Start at the small end of your piece of ribs, tease up the edge of the surface membrane, then grasp it with a paper towel or whatever you have, and slowly peel it up, going toward the bigger end of the piece of ribs. To help it come off more easily, you can apply a knife at the base (on the ribs, not on the membrane, as shown by the red line), to sever the fine attachments of the membrane as you pull. Don’t put the blade on the membrane; if you do the membrane will tear and you will have made your job into a piecemeal mess.

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