Klamath River dams to be removed in 2020; will there be any salmon left?

Salmon migrationFinally somebody is gonna do something about the catastrophic collapse of the salmon fisheries. Of course it won’t happen until 2020. And we still have the issue of how fish farms are affecting the wild population.

SAN FRANCISCO — A draft plan to remove four aging dams along the Klamath River in Oregon and California was released Wednesday, a long-awaited step toward ending a protracted dispute over the waterway….
The federal government has often played the unhappy role of referee. In 2002, environmentalists asserted that a significant die-off of fish had resulted from a diversion of water to farmers that was ordered by the Interior Department. Four years later, fishermen complained when low levels of salmon in the river led to government restrictions on commercial fishing.

Bush and his band of profiteers always sold out to whatever was the bigger corporate entity. The small businessmen who fish, and the consumer, and all those who appreciate wildlife, are the losers. Not to mention the tribes.

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One response to “Klamath River dams to be removed in 2020; will there be any salmon left?

  1. The shortage of Salmon in the system was by design, cut backs and closures of facilities by the Calif. Dept. Of Fish And Game, Fall Creek The Down River Program Operated by the Tribes, They wouldn’t do any work, they were so lazy that they would even feed the fish in the ponds and do the required paper work to get an allotment of eggs so they could trap and spawn and raise fish , that shut down the program manager Jerry Ayres DFG at Arcadia oversaw the projects, closure of Fall Creek Hatchery, and mistakes in ponding at IGH has led to millions of fish not being released, Humboldt County Board of supervisors wrote DFG Director in 2000 and warned of devastation if they continued . but fish and game thought nobody would notice HA HA and took Dedicated Fund Moneys from Environmental License plate sales dedicated to raising salmon at Fall Creek Hatchery, which resulted in the closure and loss of employees and the program was shut down fully knowing the effects it would have on the people who depend on fishing for a living and the industries that support them. the hatchery could raise enough fish but have constraints imposed on them by the courts that limit the amount of fry and yearlings that they can release now, you can blame them they are the main cause.removal of the dams in question will only destroy the Klamath forever, there’s about a least 20 other dams and massive restoration in the water sheds above in all the tributary’ s, and there are 6 dams on the klamath What about Link River Dam and Keno, Not to mention Howard Prarie and Lost Creek, Shastina Greenhorn, Trinity and Lewiston, they are part of the Klamath system, Salmon are schooling animals by nature and need massive numbers to grow and feel secure. All The Dams on the Little Shasta River On Calif. DFG Wildlife area Shasta Valley WLA They Take all the water there and leave nothing no wonder the Shasta River is so low,To ALL the peoples that want the dams out listen there is no hurry they have been there for over 100 years and for the restoration to be successful it will have to bee done correctly and in the right order. So don’t get the cart in front of the hors,for there will only be on chance.
    Tom Fyler Retired Fish Culturist

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