Kentucky football coach “not guilty” of practice-related death of 15 year old.

football-heatAlthough the coach was acquitted, his case finally sends a real message to those die hard coaches who think football practice in hot weather is some kind of opportunity to speed up the process of natural selection. The boy’s temperature was 109. Coach refuses to apologize. Says he’s interceding with Jesus Christ on behalf of the family. Jerk. Seems to me he had some sort of responsibility to make sure the kids are not falling out. Temp 109! come on. But football coaches whose teams win have a certain power over the community.

and here’s another issue:

Suppose your kid is in high school, and he’s having a hard time with an algebra problem. “You’re stupid!” his teacher yells at him, loudly enough for everybody else to hear. “You’re terrible at math! Solve the problem, or I’m kicking you out of this class.”

I bet you’d complain to the teacher, or maybe to the principal. And so would I. A teacher shouldn’t condemn his students for failing to grasp the material, which will only make it harder for them to learn later on. And he certainly shouldn’t humiliate them in front of their peers.

So why do we let athletic coaches do so?

The behavior of high school coaches is imitated by the players in their relations with other students, and is a root cause of some of the ugliness in high school society.

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