Roller Skating

skating-Roller August 2, 1875: The world’s 1st roller skating rink opened in London.

Brooklyn Union Argus, 17 September 1877

The Rink Reopened under New Management – Improvements in the Arrangements of the Building Saturday night witnessed the reopening at the Rink at Clermont Avenue, for roller skating under new management. Not less than fifteen hundred persons,many of them representing the best citizens of Brooklyn, were present top
express their confidence in the gentlemen who are now at the head of the enterprise, at to attest the interest which the community at large feel in a method of taking physical exercise at once agreeable, exhilarating and thoroughly healthful.

Among the skaters were eighteen members of the Brooklyn
Skating Club, led by their President, Mr. John HARVEY. They were attired in a becoming uniform and cut quite a dash as they gracefully glided hither and thither.

Mr. James C. HILL, a gentleman of business experience discharges the duties of Treasurer; Mr. Edwin E. HOPPER, who last year made himself very popular by the courteous manner in which he acted as doorkeeper, has been re-appointed to the position; Mr. KYNOCK, one of the finest skaters in the country, is in charge of “the surface,” assisted by two experts, Messrs. SMITH and SHIELDS, and Mr. J. L. DAY superintends the skate-room. That the best of order shall be preserved, Mr. Thomas SMITH acts in the capacity of special officer about the building, and in the evening is to be assisted by Court Officers SHAUGHNESSEY and SHANLEY

roller skating

On the afternoon of Washington’s Birthday, special entertainments will be given at the rink. Programmes which in point of attraction and novelty have not as yet been equaled this season, will be presented on both occasions. In the afternoon there will be exhibitions by youthful experts, races, Rink football, comic character skating and other features. In the evening there will be a grand combined display by the three most noted roller skaters in the world; a representation of “Faust and Marguerite,” in which Miss Minnie Van Pelt and Professors Kynock and Smith will take part; races, displays of grace and skill, and numerous other attractive features. The music, by Conterno’s Twenty-third Regiment band, will be of a high order.

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