Movie Review: Inglourious Basterds

A violent/ironic comedy of the Tarantino genre…his best, imo, though tainted by multiple doses of crony cuteness, e.g. Mike Myers and Harvey Keitel. It seems Tarantino isn’t secure in his ability to write comedy, so he introduces iconic comedy actors to force the audience to realize that “this is funny.”

Even worse is Brad Pitt’s hokey accent….it isn’t convincing or comedic, merely cringe-worthy. Why is that we have to endure so many crappy fake southern accents these days? Pitt’s character, Aldo Raine, wouldn’t even have to be a southerner, and wasn’t at all reminiscent of namesake Pennsylvanian/ Aldo Ray:

Aldo Ray

Aldo Ray

. Christoph Waltz pretty much steals the show.
Christoph Waltz

Christoph Waltz

Thank God.

Other notable characters:
Melanie Laurent as the Jewish heroine is sort of half Kirk Douglas and half Ingrid Bergman. Diane Kruger escapes the “National Treasure” mold as the mature German film star. Martin Wuttke’s Hitler fails. Daniel Bruhl succeeds as the insecure young German war hero.
“Inglorious Basterds”, though flawed and sporting a lesser cast, holds your attention from start to finish, unlike Tarantino’s previous best, “Pulp Fiction.”


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