The de Young Museum, the Chronicle, sweet treats, and getting away with murder: San Francisco traditions. Part 1.

Herzog & de Meuron "The De Young Museum", 2005
The M.H. de Young Museum in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park is an architectural wonder, a massive extravagance, a cultural icon, a regional resource, a place to party and a good old-fashioned tourist trap. In it’s present form, it’s been around since 2005, but the de Young has been around for a lot longer than that…been through a couple earthquakes…and this year is housing the King Tut exhibit for the second time.

The de Young is a San Francisco tradition.

And the Chrony? HerbCaen10-18-85
Of course….the Sporting Green section, Herb Caen….The Chronicle is a real San Francisco tradition dating to to the Civil War days.

And so are sugary treats and getting away with murder….dating back to the origins of the de Young Museum and the Chronicle….bear with me.
Harvey Milk was the first openly-gay man to be elected to public office in California, as a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Milk served 11 months in office and was responsible for passing a stringent gay-rights ordinance. On November 27, 1978, Milk and Mayor George Moscone were assassinated by Dan White, a recently-resigned city supervisor.

Dan White

Dan White

In a controversial verdict that led to the coining of the term “Twinkie defense,” White was acquitted of the double murder. He was convicted of voluntary manslaughter, and served only five years.

So how do these traditions tie together? tune in tomorrow for Part 2.


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