Joe Klein, seriously off-kilter



Joe Klein has been staying up too late and/or suffering from a chemical imbalance of some sort.
My response:

Mr. Klein:
Mr. Greenwald did not invade your privacy, record your conversations, wiretap you, or hack into your emails. He published things that were sent/given/told to him, by persons to whom you told/sent/gave them.
Mr. Greenwald has always held that the FISA court was an important and legitimate means of obtaining needed access to communications/information/intelligence.
Your post is seriously off-kilter; as in Urban Dictionary:
“off-kilter: the state of being weird. often the result of staying up extremely late. activities include: watching educational programming, smoking many cigarettes, and having random dance parties.”
….and, writing posts like your “Glenn Greenwald.”

and p.s.: he’s a LOT more interesting than you are.


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