The Chicago Cubs: a dirty bomb

The Cubs, not satisified with three moderately crazy and dysfunctional folks (manager/hot-head Lou Pinella, 136-million-dollar big bat dingbat Alfonso Soriano, and Gatorade machine abuser. pitcher Carlos Zambrano), managed to add another one this year, in the person of outfielder race-card-player Milton Bradley. And of course they disposed of good, sane players like jack-of-all-trades Mark DeRosa. Not to mention booting Jason Marquis, key to the Rockies’ surge, in exchange for the forgettable (and forgotten) Luis Vizcaino.

Now, having cratered in the NL Central and wild-card races, the Cubs are going into full meltdown mode, at a time when the team has been sold and the front office is in flux. The team is trying to dump players and salaries via the waiver wire aka “yard sale” approach. Soriano says they’re out of the hunt, Zambrano wants to be traded, and Bradley is probably gonna get showered with flying objects/liquids/epithets in right field. Pinella is in charge (?) and he thinks he’ll be given another contract? The nitwit GM terrorist who masterminded this radioactive suitcase probably wants a raise.
This is gonna be good. Not since the ’68 Democratic Convention has Chicago held my interest to this degree. Cub fans should finally rise up and boycott. Enough is a freakin nuff.


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