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Over 100 deaths in US among locked-up immigrants

Do I remember

…….Nah…..let ’em rot in cells. Don’t let em see a doctor.


An American Civil Liberties Union lawsuit filed in Washington, D.C. forced the Department of Homeland Security on Monday to reveal 11 previously undisclosed deaths at its immigrant detention facilities, the group said in a media advisory.

“In April, in response to the ACLU lawsuit which was filed under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), DHS officials released what they called a comprehensive list of all deaths in detention that included a total of 90 individuals,” the ACLU said. “With today’s announcement, the government has now admitted to a total of 104 in-custody deaths since fiscal year 2003.”

In a FOIA request submitted by the ACLU to DHS in 2007, the ACLU sought information about whether ICE – or any independent monitoring agency – adequately tracks deaths of immigration detainees, who are often housed in county jails around the country alongside criminal detainees, or in one of numerous immigration detention facilities managed by private prison companies.


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