Americans for Prosperity Foundation funded by industry to fabricate protests

These “protests” at townhall meetings are really a bunch of hired goons, bussed from state to state by people like Tim Phillips, who’s paid by industry. These are the people who are trying to prevent a reasonable healthcare system from being developed, one that won’t bankrupt the country or its citizens.
from ThinkProgress:

Last night on MSNBC, host Rachel Maddow interviewed Americans for Prosperity (AFP) head Tim Phillips. AFP, a group that employs dozens of field staff and public relations operatives, is a prolific creator of front groups to fight reform on clean energy, the environment, labor, and most recently, health care. AFP’s work against health care reform has included running a multimillion-dollar ad campaign, busing people from state to state to rally against pro-reform politicians, and collaborating with allied right-wing groups to organize disruptions of town hall events.

Trying to create a veneer of grassroots legitimacy, Phillips denied claims of running an astroturf operation and smirked to Maddow, “Hey I’m a community organizer.” Maddow pressed him to reveal his contributors, and Phillips eventually acknowledged being largely funded from Koch Industries, a $90 billion oil and gas conglomerate and one of the largest privately held companies in the world. Maddow then asked Phillips if his organization had ever been funded by ExxonMobil:

MADDOW: Are you, guys, funded in part by Exxon or have you been?

PHILLIPS: No, absolutely not.

MADDOW: No Exxon money.

PHILLIPS: Absolutely not. But I’ll tell you again, though, we would be happy to take funding from broader groups like that. […]

MADDOW: Exxon does list the Americans for Prosperity Foundation as a recipient of, in some years, tens of thousands of dollars, in other years, hundreds of thousands of dollars, even for things just like general operations. But you’re saying Americans for Prosperity, no Exxon money?

PHILLIPS: This year, we haven’t had any Exxon money.



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2 responses to “Americans for Prosperity Foundation funded by industry to fabricate protests

  1. I just watched the Rachel Maddox segment with Tim Phillips, and can’t believe the image they are trying to represent. The public can’t be stupid enough to believe any of Phillips words considering the funding from obvious corporate interests. The AFP is not a grassroots organization. If they are grassroots, they are well fertilized!

  2. A. Woodman

    Oh I see; but it’s quite okay by you for pro-healthcare reform promoters to bus in SEIU, ACORN and other “street organizer” goons to infiltrate an anti-reform protest gathering and do their deeds. You lefties are so obviously biased it’s a wonder you can walk straight. It’s frankly pathetically amusing to watch you guys squirm when your shoes begin to chafe. And then you decry when industry funds a cause you hate. But Geo. Soros’s money is gladly accepted by your party. Pathetic and juvenile behavior is all you display. And for the record AFP represents the many citizens like me who responded to their many mail surveys. Wait ’till you’re sick and standing in the queue for healthcare and you’ll be singing a different song.

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