Movie review: Food Inc.

foodincA very good film, makes its points without being dreary; interviews make for some of the best footage. The take home messages:

  • the reason a fast food burger costs more at retail than does a bunch of broccoli is government support of corn prices. In other words, government agriculture policy determines what we are likely to eat.
  • big agriculture has a big stake in the status quo, and an enormous political clout, so things aren’t going to change easily.
  • The Ag industry has the small farmer by the short hairs. They control key patents, and use financial and legal intimidation to dictate what will be raised and how.
  • Price pressures have converted farms into food factories reminiscent of those described by Frank Norris in the early 20th century.
  • Exploitation of workers and contamination of food are widespread.

Why is this film not being shown at the “popular” theatres? hmmm. I chose not to see it as a conspiracy. But the info in this film would certainly decrease the number of boxes of Jujubes and Dots sold at the refreshment stand.


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