GE shapes your MSNBC/NBC news to its corporate objectives

Keith Olbermann

Keith Olbermann

It is tempting to link to Glenn Greenwald every day. His posts the last couple of days on the silencing of Keith Olbermann are especially important, as they document the lengths to which the “corporatocracy” goes to control information and shape the “news” that is fundamental to an informed citizenry.

GE is now openly and proudly boasting of their editorial control over the news organizations they own, and publicly rubbing it in the faces of NBC News journalists that they’re subservient to GE’s corporate agenda. Look at this smug, creepy quote from GE executive spokesman Gary Sheffer explaining in The New York Times why GE issued its gag order preventing Olbermann from criticizing Fox and O’Reilly, all but mocking NBC and MSNBC journalists as nothing more than GE’s office of corporate spokespeople:

“We all recognize that a certain level of civility needed to be introduced into the public discussion,” Gary Sheffer, a spokesman for G.E., said this week. “We’re happy that has happened.”

Why is GE even speaking for MSNBC’s editorial decisions at all? Needless to say, GE doesn’t care in the slightest about “civility” in general. Mika Brzezinski can spout that people who dislike Sarah Palin aren’t “real Americans” and Chris Matthews can say about George Bush that “everybody sort of likes the president, except for the real whack-jobs,” and GE executives won’t (and didn’t) bat an eye. What they mean by “civility” is: “thou shalt not criticize anyone who can harm GE’s business interests or who will report on our actions.” Thus: GE’s journalists will stop reporting critically on Fox and its top assets because Fox can expose actions of GE that we want to keep concealed.

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