Making ghee the easy way

gheepourGhee is really great stuff. It’s one step beyond clarified butter, and tastes sort of like roasted nuts but also like butter, and won’t turn brown or smoke at high temperatures. There are many uses, from omelettes to Indian cuisine, popcorn or backpacking. The chefs tell you to make it on top of the stove, but that method is a pain.…The instructions are confusing and contradictory…boil, reboil?…and you don’t know the temperature of your burners, and so you have to sit there and watch it for 45 minutes, try to guess when all the water is gone, and how much brown is too much, and you’re not even done then; you still have to remove the floaters and crust. And you can very easily wreck it.
How to make ghee the easy way, in the oven, 250-275 degrees x 2 hours, no observation needed:
1. get yourself a pound of unsalted butter.
2. get yourself a pickle jar or similar glass recloseable jar; has to hold 10-20 oz. Pyrex would be best, but not necessary if you warm up the glass and cool the ghee a bit before pouring it in the jar. Wash it like hell, including the lid. Get all the water out, put the lid on loosely and let it cool.
3. get yourself an ovenproof sauce pan; the best kind has a pouring spout.
4. cheesecloth and rubber band, or a metal/plastic coffee/tea strainer desirable but optional. Paper coffee filters may clog. (Unfiltered ghee may smoke or burn slightly.)
5. set your oven on bake at 250-275 degrees preheating not required, but you do need to know if your oven thermostat is accurate. If not, consider using an oven thermometer.
6. put the butter in the saucepan and into the oven, do not cover.
7. come back in two hours and find golden liquid Ghee with junk on top and bottom. If the Ghee is still a little cloudy, put it back in for another 20-30 minutes, and turn the heat up a titch.
8. remove the saucepan from the oven without jiggling it and set it on a work surface.
9. carefully skim off anything on the surface with a spoon; you can save this stuff separately in a tiny bowl and put it on toast.
10. let the saucepan cool for fifteen minutes. again remove any floaters.
11. heat up the jar: either a) about 20 sec in the microwave, or b)screw on the jar cap and heat up your glass jar from the outside with tap water; this will prevent the glass from breaking when the hot ghee hits it (not necessary if your jar is pyrex); then remove the cap but don’t get any water inside.
12. optional: make a filter out of three layers of clean cheesecloth and rubber band it onto the top of the jar so it hangs into the jar (or position your filter of choice).

kinda like this

kinda like this

13. if you choose to hold onto the jar, put something over your hand eg a wet rag, to protect it in case you spill some hot ghee.
14. put a newspaper under the jar in case of drippage; slowly pour the contents of the contents of the saucepan through the filter into the jar. (If you’re not using a filter, don’t let the brown stuff at the bottom of the pan run into the jar, so obviously you will have to leave the last bit of ghee in the saucepan. Pity.)
15. remove the filter and put the lid on loosely and let the jar cool to close to room temperature. Ghee will solidify into a tan “grease”.
16. clean up; scrape the brown stuff from the bottom of the pan and save it with the “floaters” in the frig. Make sure the outside of the jar is clean; don’t want any slippery ghee there, but don’t get any water inside the jar.
17. screw the cap on tightly
18. refrigerated it will last for a year if you don’t get water/contamination in it; at room temp it will last for months.

You ate at an Indian restaurant?

There you go.

No, it was the mussels!

They came up undigested!

Then how could they be the cause?

It’s where my body shut down!


You know what they cook with

in Indian restaurants? Ghee.

It’s clarified butter.

You get a rancid hit of that…

God! I mean, you can imagine.

When Indira Gandhi got assassinated…

…I was watching when they

broadcast the cremation.

They doused the body

and the funeral pyre…

…in clarified butter

just to get it burning.

–The Sopranos


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2 responses to “Making ghee the easy way

  1. jagadheesh

    please send this scenery in my mail

  2. when you talk about setting the oven to 250-275 degrees, you must be talking in Fahrenheit, as trying this on 250-275 degrees Celcius turns the entire content to a black and burned liquid quite quickly………..

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