Kershaw v. Koufax, 6

Ebbett's Field in Brooklyn

Ebbett's Field in Brooklyn

Kershaw vs. Houston tonight: 7 innings, 1 walk, 2 hit, 5Ks, win; he also played goalie on one groundball up the middle, stopping the ball with a kick save and throwing the batter out at first. He played soccer goalie as a kid in Highland Park (actually University Park; Highland Park was the name of the school district/high school, but Clayton lived in University Park, next door to Highland Park. Grew up almost across the street from Dick Cheney’s place. Only about three miles from Bush’s new digs.)

Some are starting refer to Kershaw as the staff ace; while his progress is remarkable, this designation is really unfair in a number of ways.

Career stats for Sandy Koufax (SK, aka K1) as of 10/15/57, age 21y 9mo, and Clayton Kershaw (CK, aka K2) as of July 19, 2009, age 21y 4mo.

SK: IP 205.2 W 09 L 10 H 182 HR 26 ER 91 K 182 BB 108
CK: IP 214.1 W 13 L 10 H 179 HR 16 ER 86 K 204 BB 112

SK: ERA=3.99, WHIP=1.41, K/9 innings=8.0
CK: ERA=3.61, WHIP=1.36, K/9 innings=8.6

Note: While Kershaw’s stats are starting to look better than Koufax’s, remember that up to this point in his career, Koufax was mostly a mop-up man, and was pitching in Ebbett’s Field, which was a great hitter’s park.

Ebbetts Field Park Factors:
Year Runs Home Runs
1955 106 122
1956 103 120
1957 133 145
Whereas today’s Dodger Stadium is the toughest park in the majors to score runs.

The only real significant difference between the two Dodger lefties seems to be their investment strategies.

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