Baseball: the Roy Halladay deal–it’ll be the Phillies

roy_halladayWhich contender will pop for ace Roy Halladay, who has shown he can beat the Yanks and Red Sox?
Let’s eliminate the Dodgers. Would the Jays take Andre Ethier plus some rag taggers? nahh….and the Dodgers aren’t going to trade Russell Martin or Clayton Kershaw.
Yankees: forget it. Jays don’t want Chamberlain or Hughes, or Melky Cabrera.
Red Sox: Clay Bucholz is tempting. But overall the Red Sox don’t feel the need, unless they think the Yanks might get er done.
Phils: This is the team that really needs Halladay, and has the prospects to trade: Kyle Drabek, Michael Taylor, Jason Knapp and Dominic Brown.
Cardinals: sorry, they don’t have the prospects. ditto the Angels.


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3 responses to “Baseball: the Roy Halladay deal–it’ll be the Phillies

  1. mattregaw

    I have to agree with you completely that Halladay is going to the Phillies unless they blow the deal. the jays are not making it easy for anyone to get Roy by not allowing them to talk long term deal.

    Nice site!


    • signing Pedro Martinez doesn’t change things much. It shows how desperate the Phils are. The trade deadline will pass before he gets to the show, so they can’t wait to see how he performs. They have to go after Halladay.


  2. I’m surprised there haven’t been more comments about this. Seems like the sort of thing people should be discussing every day. We just don’t have that much meaningful dialog anymore.

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