Young Republicans erect, oops… I mean elect hate-mongering MILF; shades of Sarah Palin.

Shades of Sarah Palin.
The Young Republicans have elected as their leader a sort of Sarah Palin clone named Audra Shay, who, at age 38, apparently qualifies as “young’ among Republicans. Shay has an uncommon sympathy for bigots and racist remarks, and a propensity for hate-mongering.

Her Facebook page, while scrubbed of all incriminating threads, still shows membership in not one but two Carrie Prejean [you remember homophobic Miss California] support groups, “Stop Barack Obama,” “I Support Joe the Plumber,” “Mark Sanford (A True Conservative)” and “Fire Anderson Cooper and David Gergen.” She’s also math-challenged: Her other group memberships include “1,000,000 strong against Janeane Garafalo” (actual membership, 3,853), “1,000,000 against the bias of the mainstream media” (actual membership, 956) and “10,000+ Praying for Rush” (actual membership, 25). These are the online conservative versions of counting the Million Man March.

The GOP’s goal seems to be getting erections rather than winning elections. It’s only a matter of time before Carrie Prejean rises to the top of the Republican Party. See also Frank Rich today, and BooMan23.


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7 responses to “Young Republicans erect, oops… I mean elect hate-mongering MILF; shades of Sarah Palin.

  1. Your use of perverted language only hurts whatever message you are trying to send with this post. The words and concepts you use are a window to how you view the world, and in this case, women. I call misgyony on this post. But why do feel the need to resort to this type of language is the real question.

    • Thanks for your comment but I must disagree. Perverted? What? To suggest that Young Republicans are largely puerile men who project their sexual fantasies on their political leaders is misogyny? Do you seriously think that if Sarah Palin were not sexually suggestive and attractive she would be where she is today? do you not think I documented this woman’s disgusting ideology, which has nothing to do with her gender?
      Should I suggest that you are the one who is projecting?

  2. pelinore's teacher

    I don’t think that word means what you think it means — you may disagree with the premise of the argument (that “young” republicans elected an attractive racist for her looks rather than her abilities and strengths) — but instead of tackling the argument you call the use of the words “perverted” and “call misogyny” without backing your accusation up with anything whatsoever.

    Perverted means changed from the original purpose, not something you might find offensive or irreligious. Ignore the argument, call foul anyway. Now that’s conservative leadership!

    • Thanks for your reply.
      Yes, I certainly no little about her positive accomplishments or qualities. That would be a legitimate criticism of my post.

    • Your log id intrigues me. How did you get to be pelinore’s teacher? I am really not familiar with wordpress but is this some special administrative feature?

      Perverted has a more commonly understood meaning, namely, using sexual remarks or insults about someone or something — The blogger here references “MILF,” which is about as misogynistic a term as there is, and getting “erections,” which needs no explanation. Why are these misogynistic? Because they reduce women to objects of sexual aggression. The comment also degrades young men by insinuating they have filthy intentions.

  3. While I can understand that you are not accustomed to discussing sexual matters in frank language, I think you overstep.
    Sarah Palin has degraded herself, and thus, to some degree, other women in public life, imo. You may disagree.
    As far as “degrading” young men with “filthy intentions,” again, I sense a rather Victorian sensibility. I will say that there is little other explanation for the Palin phenomenon aside from men who pick up on the sex appeal.

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