Incredibly cool, incredibly ugly Vibram Five Fingers shoes UPDATED

I’m gettin I got me a pair….no way my feet could be any uglier than they already are. I ordered a big ugly pair and three pairs of socks from the Kayak Shed.

Here’s another video.
UPDATE: added some of the five toed socks to my order, and it’s on the way! here! Well, they are pretty great so far. It does take about five minutes to put on a pair of the sox and the shoes. But that seems to be getting faster each time. I got the black KSO’s because they are the only ones that come in size 48, which I needed. The fit is good. It does feel quite a bit like barefoot. No rubbing problem so far and I have walked about two miles in them altogether. They are not as warm as regular shoe/socks, so far…I am going to do a little jogging today.

UPDATE: jogging went well. The socks are great, I think, for foot health. Planning a longer jog today.
UPDATE: jogged a mile or so. Semi-stumbled a couple of times, partly because of forefoot strike. Definitely felt like running barefoot, and like I could eventually go faster. Much lighter than my other running shoes.
UPDATE: did about 1.5 miles of jogging today. Less stumbling. I would say the lightness of the shoes is equal in effect to losing about 10-15 lbs of body weight. Running every other day. Still some tightness in the calves from changing to forefoot strike.
UPDATE: up to 2 miles; stumbling continues occasionally. Would not recommend newbies running on concrete because of the possibility of falling. On the other hand, my falls may have been related to uneven ground and “grass-grabbing.”
UPDATE: up to 2.5 miles. Feet are fine. Still a bit shy about these feet-shoes, but seeing the article in NY Times business section will perhaps help me get over that. I would say that the biggest issue besides the stumbling is how long it takes to put on the socks and the shoes.



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8 responses to “Incredibly cool, incredibly ugly Vibram Five Fingers shoes UPDATED

  1. Before I ordered these I was out running barefoot, and got stung by a bee, on my foot. Yipes.

  2. chet

    You purchased a size 48. What size shoe do you wear?
    I wear a US 15 and am not sure 48 will fit.

  3. I think it will. I wear size 15-16s, though my measured size is like 14.5. Be sure to get some socks with toes.

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