Cubs finally (!) take Alfonso Soriano out of the leadoff spot.

soriano-and-sweet-louThe Cubs’ $136 million dollar man finally “mans up” (after being benched): he’s not a lead-off hitter. I wonder how many games/championships have been lost because this fool has refused to bat 6 or 7 in the lineup. What kind of manager takes over two years to figure this out? And I wonder how many games/championships will be lost in the next FIVE years because of Soriano’s huge contract. What kind of general manager puts his entire franchise at risk over a headcase/no-game player like Soriano in his declining years?

Cubs manager Lou Piniella finally moved left fielder Alfonso Soriano out of the leadoff spot Friday as Soriano continued a slump that’s gone on for more than a month.
…, with centerfielder Kosuke Fukudome moving up to the leadoff spot. When the Cubs face a lefty, it is likely Piniella will go with Reed Johnson as his leadoff hitter.

Soriano, who has not hit a home run since June 7, cooperated with the move, even though he has a “comfort level” batting first. However, that comfort level hadn’t been doing him or the Cubs much good lately.


….as in, an on-base percentage of .290 for the year!!

Soriano told the Sun-Times after Monday’s game that he’s willing to give up the spot for good — the first time he has said that in his Cubs career.

The Cubs really need to unload this guy to somebody like the Mets or the Giants, or to the American League where he could DH for, like, the White Sox. Might even net a decent relief pitcher.


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