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Breaking: Palin to have television show on Bravo

Yes, that loveable screwball Sarah Palin will be coming into your homes via cable next fall in a unique series “I Love Sarah.” Palin’s character will reprise Lucille Ball’s role in “I Love Lucy” sitcom from the ’50’s. Producers of the series sat down with Over the Line, Smokey! to discuss the inspiration for the new show:

We remembered how Sarah Palin traded on her good looks to get into the entertainment industry, as did Lucy, and how Palin quit her first Alaska state job on the Oil and Gas Conservation Commission after less than a year, and of course how she is quitting her next state job, the governorship, after 2.5 years. Palin’s flame-outs reminded us of those great “Lucy” shows in which Lucille Ball would try to prove to Ricky that she was a competent person who could hold a job outside the home. She tried a variety of jobs, some of which involved hilarious assembly lines, conveyor belts, or ridiculous disguises, and all ended in meltdowns.

And of course Sarah’s speechs are virtual replicas of Lucy’s “Vitameatavegamin” routine, right down to the wink.

We think Sarah Palin will be a perfect update of Lucy’s whacky approach to employment. She’s also real good at telling all those lies that Lucy used to use to keep Ricky in the dark. We’re still looking at candidates to play her husband and also considering whether to reprise Fred and Ethel Mertz…John and Cindy McCain would be perfect, don’t you think?

Some media critics have complained that “I Love Sarah” is a sexist concept typical of American attitudes of the 50’s. But Palin doesn’t mind:

By golly, family values are not dead fish that stink up the flow, and I know that millions of real Americans are happy that with renewable energy from Alaska they’ll be able to watch a happy show because it’s all about jobs and now I have one for a while and we are suing you.

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Sarah Palin runs upstairs and locks herself in the Twitter

ANGRY_GIRLAK governor-quitter Sarah Palin, having pitched a fit on national television/YouTube, is hating her some internet, librul media, news reporters, and small animals. She’s pretty much AWOL at the moment, but is speaking through her lawyers and Twitter, issuing threats, ginning up vendettas, whining, flinging non-sequitors, spin, word salads and heavily-capitalized shout outs.

I am not a psychiatrist, but after reading this, (also posted at Facebook) I have to suspect that Ms. Palin doesn’t have her stick on the ice…:

We have accomplished more in this one term than most governors do in two…

and can someone translate this for me?

Critics are spinning, so hang in there as they feed false info on the right decision made as I enter last yr in office to not run again….

Somebody tackle her….please….

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