Kershaw v. Koufax watch, 3

Sandy Koufax

Sandy Koufax

After game of 7/1/09:
Career stats for Sandy Koufax (SK) as of 10/15/57, age 21y 9mo, and Clayton Kershaw (CK) as of 7/01/09, age 21y 3mo.

SK: IP 205.2 W 09 L 10 H 182 HR 26 ER 91 K 182 BB 108
CK: IP 195.1 W 10 L 10 H 172 HR 16 ER 85 K 188 BB 104

SK: ERA=3.99, WHIP=1.41, K/9 innings=8.0
CK: ERA=3.92, WHIP=1.41, K/9 innings=8.7

(Notes: Kershaw’s low HRs allowed this year may be due to the low HR totals of the Dodgers’ opposition..
Many of Koufax’s appearances were in relief.)

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