Waxman-Markey Strips EPA of Clean Air Act Authority to Fight Global Warmingcl

Tell me this is a joke....

Tell me this is a joke....

This bill is a joke; largely written by lobbyists, it will do essentially nothing to reduce coal burning…and, it removes the EPA’s recently won authority to regulate CO2 emissions. We’d be better off with nothing. link

Specifically, the Waxman-Markey bill prohibits any greenhouse gas, including CO2, from being listed as a “criteria pollutant”2 or a “hazardous air pollutant”3 on the basis of its effect on climate change. The bill does not permit greenhouse gases to trigger New Source Review,4 nor affect the granting of a permit to operate under Title V5 of the Clean Air Act.

The EPA is further prohibited from regulating greenhouse gas emissions as international air pollutants6 or setting technology-based standards for any capped sources7. What all of this language means is that if the Waxman-Markey bill passes, the EPA’s hands will be tied and it will not effectively be able to use the Clean Air Act to reduce global warming pollution.
Consequences of Elimination of EPA Authority

This policy choice to strip the EPA of authority to reduce greenhouse gas pollution has a number of negative implications; foremost among them is that, as currently constituted, the Waxman-Markey bill is likely to undermine investment in technology development. First, it undermines the certainty of regulation associated with the Clean Air Act, which has been a significant technology driver in the past. Second, it allows use of offsets until approximately 2030, putting off any need for immediate investment in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


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2 responses to “Waxman-Markey Strips EPA of Clean Air Act Authority to Fight Global Warmingcl

  1. kevin mckeown

    Hey did any of you wining dumbasses take biology. Plants convert co2 to oxygen, which all life needs to live.We convert oxygen to co2. So we are all a poisonous greenhouse gas More co2 means quicker growing plants. But hell why let basic earth science get in the way of your beyond stupid agenda that has nothing to do with science. 1 volcano or disaster that kills plants lets out more co2 and other real gasses than man has done since the start of industry. You people think you can even control nature that swat humans like little flies. This beats all the snake oil salesmen in the world ever and even beats the religious right we are all going to hell routine. This shows us how bad education has gotten in this country,especially science and math

  2. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has the property of trapping heat. The increasing levels of carbon dioxide resulting from burning of fossil fuels is making our earth generally warmer and warmer, and also making our oceans more acid. These changes are happening quite rapidly, relative to previous episodes of climate change, and thus they threaten many species with extinction. Drought, increasing sea levels and disappearing glaciers threaten water supplies and cities. Carbon dioxide, while necessary for plant life, does not act as a fertilizer when present in excess .

    The goal is to prevent carbon dioxide from increasing to levels which threaten our planet, not to eliminate it. The emission of carbon dioxide by human activity compared to volcanoes has us producing about 130 times more than volcanoes. Scientists calculated that volcanoes produce about 130-230 million tons of CO2 each year (Gerlach, 1999, 1991) compared 27 billion tons produced my human activity ( Marland, et al., 2006).

    This is the consensus of the best scientists working in the field of climate change. The latest findings indicate that the adverse changes are occurring even faster than first predicted. Those who deny the problem are mostly funded by oil and gas and coal companies, in a campaign to fool the general public. I hope you will realize you are being manipulated for profit.

    Btw, I graduated cum laude with an degree in zoology from a Big Ten university, and have an advanced degree from Stanford University.

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