General Electric CEO: Business needs health care reform

per ThinkProgress:

last night, Jeffrey Immelt, Chairman and CEO of General Electric, appeared on Charlie Rose and said that businesses [and the Chamber of Commerce] spending money to obstruct legislation like this is “just lunacy“:

[partial transcript] From a business standpoint, the notion that businesses are going to put a bunch of money in ads to protect the status quo is just lunacy. It’s just not what we should be doing right now. Like I said, when I think about health care in a GE context, we’re going to win some, we’re going to lose some on health care. But I think it would be totally inappropriate for GE to be saying we don’t need health care reform right now. We do.

As I have said before,
1) Businesses have no business providing healthcare to their employees
2) The only people who are happy with their health insurance are either government workers/retirees or those who have never had cancer or a transplant.
3) Doctors hate the present system of HMO’s and PPOs and uninsured patients
4) Medical insurance companies put most of their efforts into selling people things that are worth less than the customer thinks and then avoiding payouts.
5) Most bankruptcies are from medical costs, and most of these folks had health insurance.


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