Sanford: God can take my son, I’m stayin…

Speaking to his cabinet today, Part-time Gov. Mark Sanford of SC said that

King David “fell mightily, fell in very, very significant ways, but then picked up the pieces and built from there.”

Yes, that King David, as in the Bible, and as in Jesus, the Son of David.
My God! the man is an idiot narcissist of the highest order. He should heed his own advice:

“When one is in a hole, the first order of business is to stop digging.”

Mark Sanford, March 10, 2009

The Biblical figure King David boinked Bathsheba, the wife of one of his soldiers, then arranged the soldier’s death so he could marry the woman.

you crazy baby bathsheba, i wancha
you’re suffocating you need a good shed
i’m tired of living, shebe, so gimme

we’re apin’ rapin’ tapin’ catharsis
you get torn down and get erected
my blood is working but my, my heart is

whaddyah know?
you’re lovely
tan belly
is starting to grow

uriah hit the crapper, the crapper
uriah hit the crapper, the crapper
uriah hit the crapper, the crapper
dead >-Black Francis and the Pixies

Of course, David did marry Bathsheba, and their baby died, courtesy of God the Father Almighty’s curse. Later of course, there was a lot of begatting, about a 1000 years worth, and then along comes Jesus.

This is so wrong on so many levels, it's hard to know where to start. Besides the obvious narcissism, Sanford seems to be excusing his adultery because it is in the Bible. I would call sacrilege, if I was a Christian. And is Sanford saying he's trading the life of his son for his own political interests?
More obviously, Sanford is an elected official of the state of South Carolina in the USA in 2009, subject to law and the will of the people, and not a hereditary monarch of a small kingdom in 1000 BC.

I think this will get him bounced. The Bible thumpers won't be diggin this.



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2 responses to “Sanford: God can take my son, I’m stayin…

  1. Mike Licht

    Just why did the Governor talk to AP on Tuesday, anyway? Simple: he’s paving the way for his next job.

    He told reporters that he counseled Ms. Chapur on her failing marriage.

    Look out Dr. Phil!


  2. ” “Calling Dr. Love” is a song by the American hard rock band Kiss, originally released on their 1976 album Rock and Roll Over. … The song’s title came from Gene Simmons’ recollection of a Three Stooges short called “Men in Black”, containing an announcement over a hospital intercom, “Calling Doctor Howard, Doctor Fine, Doctor Howard”, meaning Moe, Larry and Curly, respectively.”

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