Sluggo: is this a scam? or does it really kill snails?

this Sluggo stuff came out a little while back, and was supposed to be the greatest stuff since sliced malathion. Iron phosphate and some other ingredients, I gather. Supposed to be on-toxic.

Unfortunately, it is more than a little expensive, and the recommendation is to use it every two weeks. Well, I don’t know about your garden, but just paying for all that Sluggo would be worth more than my total output of vegetables.

And now I find the stuff didn’t do DIDDLY.  Over the past three days, I have collected 5 dozen snails, BIG, LIVE ONES, from my back yard which is only 15×30.  What the Hell?

Let’s face it, people, getting rid of snails isn’t that hard; it doesn’t require chemicals, and it’s free. Just get up early in the morning, when it’s just light, and go out and take a look; the snails will be crawling from the garden to their hiding places.  Just pick them up and put them in a covered bowl in your freezer overnight and then toss them in he garbage. Find their hiding places later in the day (usually inside or under an old log) and pick them off.  It doesn’t even require the old beer in the saucer ploy.



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8 responses to “Sluggo: is this a scam? or does it really kill snails?

  1. This is America. People want a simple solution. The problem is the solution in this case is toxic chemicals. As you so very clearly stated in very sensible terms, ridding your garden of snails is not rocket science, as the saying goes, you just pick up the snails and do whatever you feel comfortable doing with them: step on them, or toss them in the trash bin, freezing would work too.

    Back to what I said about Americans wanting a simple solution killing other household “pests”, so many people have been duped into buying toxic sprays to kill everything from ants to those highly resilient roaches. The fact is, the sprays have little if any effect in ridding your home of the “pests”. What does happen is you make Johnson and Johnson or whatever manufacturer, richer. There are non-chemical ways of abating the bugs. I use plain white vinegar on just about everything. Don’t buy Raid! Don’t buy the other chemical stuff that is hugely toxic and also very ineffective. Research the non toxic stuff. Use it.

    There is a reason why we have a dramatic spike in the number of autistic and otherwise disabled children!

  2. Нет,по настоящиму улыбнул 8 пункт,просто представил такую ситуацию ))).

  3. Круто, спасибо! 😉

  4. themoderngardener

    Slugs and snails do respond differently, but in any case I would recommend only natural products such as Nemaslug or as Jim says, go out there and hunt them down after dark (take a glass of wine with you!). has good information on this subject – I’m not affiliated with them, but am a fan. You should also attract birds to the garden which eat slugs and snails. Good luck!

  5. yeah, I do my snail hunting with a 2 million candlepower searchlight and a 12 gauge. So far I’ll killed, skinned and stuffed 4 of the little bastards.

  6. Beter not let uncle Sam find out about this,He will try to make you get a Lisence and a Permit and Tag for every one you kill.That is if he thinks he can make mony off of it. Its Sport Hunting.

    • Better not Let Uncle Sam Find out about this, He will try to make You get a License and Permit for every one you kill, That is if he thinks can make money off of you.. Its Sport Hunting. Sorry about the Spelling in the last post . I was asleep.

  7. In our neck of the prairie, snakes eat the snails. Yes, they regurgitate the shells. Walk along the bosque of the Rio Santa Fe and you see a fair number of empty snail shells.

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