K-Mart/Sears: When are you going to give up and die?


From a kmart manager:

1. The cashiers and service desk people are not properly trained.
The turnover in this area is astronomical, and we usually stick them out there with little to no training. So when they don’t know about prices, sales, special offers, or even how to deactivate EAS tags, it’s not their fault; they probably don’t know any better.

2. We have a very small budget.
This is why you can never find anyone in a Kmart. The few employees you may encounter are running around, trying to put out product, marking things down, and resetting counters. Customer service should be the most important thing, but it rarely is.

3. The mystery shop is king.
Our bonuses, raises, and pretty much everything else are dependent on our mystery shop scores, not how many complaints we get or how hard we work.

4. No one gets their performance review anymore.

The store manager is, in so many words, instructed to not rate people too highly because they would get raises, and the company can’t afford that.

5. We still don’t know what to do with your stimulus check.

We got an email around the time of the press release, and a few flyers, but we would probably give you a blank stare if you came in with your check and wanted your 10% extra.

6. When you call the 800 number, you’re talking to an outsourced call center employee.
They email your complaint to the store manager, who probably already talked to you before you left the store. ….you won’t get anywhere with the number.

7. We hate Sears just as much as you do.

When we have to call them, they are just as rude to us as they are to you.

8. Sears credit cards are HORRIBLE.

Corporate pushes them on us and sends us nasty emails when we don’t get so many applications per customer. We are forced to ask you to fill one out. 

9. The stores are dirty because they don’t give us money
…to replace fixtures, the leaking ceiling, the horrible bathrooms, or even decent cleaning supplies. That costs money, you see.

10. Corporate just restructured the Loss Prevention position.
Most of our security personnel, who had been with the company for years, were terminated. .. Expect higher prices in the future as people steal us blind.

Hope this helps,

A Very Disgruntled Manager


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