Baseball: Cubs pick up Jim Edmonds; why?

This site previously predicted the release of Jim Edmunds. Now the Cubs have signed him. Admittedly, Chicago is desperate for outfielders, a strange position to be in. The root of the problem is the vastly overrated Alfonso Soriano and his vastly overpaid contract. But even with these problems, the signing of Edmonds is pathetic. Yes, he is left handed. So? He’s also slow, injury prone, and can’t hit or get on base. This idea of “squeezing out” some residual performance, as if Edmonds were a tube of toothpaste, is ridiculous. It is true that the Cubs lineup is good enough to tolerate some nonsense, but things are gonna breakdown at some point, and for the Cubs, the second half of the season is always worse than the first.  Just because Wrigley is small, is no reason to put a slow centerfielder in place.  Remember, the centerfielder has to cover half of leftfield for Soriano.  The signing of Edmonds suggests that the Cubs’ front office is on tilt.


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2 responses to “Baseball: Cubs pick up Jim Edmonds; why?

  1. Dr X

    “A good gamble,” for a club that needs more left handers on offense says Jim Hendry. A one-season bet that he has more in him than his start this season indicates. But given Edmonds’ decline over the past several years, I don’t think it was a bad start — it was a bad finish that has been a long time coming. I guess we’ll know soon enough.

  2. I doubt there are many greater fans of Jim Edmonds than I (was). I’m sure there will be a heroic moment or two. Good for Jim. But in terms of getting to the World Series, this is a move in the wrong direction.
    The temptation to see players as they were in, say, 2005, rather than seeing them as they are in the present, and as they will be in the near future, is one of the greatest blindspots in baseball management. If Edmonds couldn’t hit National League pitching on a platoon basis in San Diego, why will he be able to do so in Chicago? Felix Pie is a better player, in almost every statistical category, is much faster, and has some potential to improve.

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