Baseball: what will the Cubs do with Soriano?

If you’ve followed this blog, you’ll readily understand OTL,S! ‘s position on Alfonso Soriano.  In sum, he’s an extremely overpaid player with only two skills: he can hit home runs, and he can throw.  Other than those two abilities, he gets negatives across the board.  And he’s getting old. Furthermore, his managers insist on misusing him, and thereby exposing his deficiencies.

Soriano has been hurt for a couple of weeks, and the Cubs have been on a tear.  Talk of the World Series is in the air.  Here’s the question? Is manager Lou Pinella really stupid enough to put Soriano back in the upper part of the batting order? It’s a tough call: I mean, it took three months and an injury for Pinella to figure out that Alfonso wasn’t a center fielder (duh?).  I would have thought that Pinella would figure that Soriano is really a 7th place hitter.  But Lou just really isn’t that smart: for example, I see that he is using the washed-up relief pitcher Bobby Howry.  So I think Lou is actually pretty stupid in his resistance to accepting facts.  So I’m guessing Soriano will be put back at the top of the lineup, and the Cubs will start losing.  THEN, Lou will figure it out.

I could be wrong.

If I’m the Cubs, I try to trade Alfonso to some unsuspecting National League contender, or maybe those idiots who are now in charge of the Yankees would take him? You never know….there may still be some benighted soul who thinks Soriano is a valuable player.

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