baseball: SF Giants…what were they thinking?

This team has the potential of losing 110 games. Doesn’t happen all that often. Here’s why:

Barry Zito is their ace. What?

Ray Durham: I can’t even fathom why when  how or what someone is thinking with this guy. 36 years old, hit .215, OBP under .300!!  Slg .343. And they hit him in the middle of the order?!!

Bengie  Molina:  33 yo catcher with an OBP of .298.  Slow.

Omar Vizquel: 41 years old. OBP 305.

Randy Winn: 34 years old.

Rich Aurelia? 36 years old.

Brian Wilson: “closer”; 7 career saves. sure.

Barry Bonds: Gone

no-name nobodies: 18 approximately

Who’s going to play first base? Some guy who’ll hit 9 home runs? who’s going to do anything? Aaron Rowand? Matt Cain? Tim Lincecum? They are the only average major leaguers on the team. The rest sucks. really. If any of their big three gets hurt, they will lose 110. If they stay healthy, only a hundred.



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2 responses to “baseball: SF Giants…what were they thinking?

  1. in2thefray

    I’ve stopped by for political posts and because of that I have to comment on this. Nice diversion,funny and enjoyable.As a person who grew up a RedSox fan pre World Series V’s I was always ready for the post All Star slide. Funny how teams can frustrate you. On another note I got a glove and bat should I head West ?

  2. I was a player and a fan since knee high; having moved several times and been disappointed everywhere, I just like to watch the plays, and the strategy, etc. I got involved with the Bill James things in the beginning, so the rosters always fascinate me. It’s funny to have the A’s and the Giants here; one team is Moneyball-oriented, the other is disoriented.

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