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New McCain video promises Joe Lieberman will be there for the 3 a.m. phone call.

In response to a vanishingly small chorus of criticism from the well-fed media, John McCain has put out a new, supposedly reassuring “3am” campaign video.. This 30 second spot shows the “red phone” next to the supposed bed of supposed president John McCain. When the phone rings, old John listens to some supposed crisis information, then stammers out some statement that makes no sense. But then, up pops another head from under the covers…IT’S JOE LIEBERMAN!! He whispers in McCain’s ear for a few seconds, while McCain puts his hand over the phone. Then John speaks into the phone again: “No, I take that back, don’t do that!!! Instead, do this…..”
McCain, known for tiring of his female spouses after years of marriage, and having been photographed in “compromising” poses with George W. Bush and possibly others, may have killed three birds with one stone, with this video. Firstly, he reassures that small fraction of the public that knows he’s either a liar, misinformed or senile; and secondly, he sends a not so subtle message to the “likudnik” wing that they have his ear, and thirdly, McCain can use this spot to capture some part of the gay demographic.

Asked about the possible negative effect on the rightwing evangelical demographic that he has courted so hard, McCain opined that the video might have to be revised to show the two old men in twin beds.

Pressed on the issue of whether the American public should be willing to accept an old man as president, McCain pointed to the example of Winston Churchill, who was chosen Prime Minister at the age of 76. Lieberman, who happened to be standing nearby, added, “of course, Churchill did have a stroke within two years…”



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