Renewable energy: still a joke to Bush, Congress

Andrew Revkin:

Scientists at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory were heartened when $34 million of new money was included in their latest science budget last year. But Arthur J. Nozik, 71, a chemical physicist there, notes that this is roughly the cost of one F-18 jetfighter. In the end, only $8 million was authorized by Congress in 2007.


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One response to “Renewable energy: still a joke to Bush, Congress

  1. in2thefray

    I’ve found AARP has taken a rather partisan stance over the years and seems to be leaving the primary demographic it supposedly serves in the dust. With that aside from the labs web site their budget from ’06-’07 showed the greatest increase in it’s recent history. An increase of 168.8 million. Although I agree the Administrations energy focus is not the renewable sector the article is a little whacked.To throw out some honesty on my part the cornerstone thus far of the ’09 budget re: energy is clean coal initiatives . Anyway my budget source

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