Baseball: Some things you didn’t know about Clayton Kershaw

Clayton may end up pitching this year for the Los Angeles Dodgers, despite the fact that he just turned 20. Now that Vin Scully has called his curveball “Public enemy No. 1”, I guess he’s famous. Here are some things you didn’t know about him.

He’s a big boy. He played center on his freshman high school football team, and guess who he was snapping it to? Matthew Stafford, now the strong-armed quarterback for the Georgia Bulldogs. These guys went to the same elementary school. Which was also the same grade school attended by SMU and Detroit Lions star Doak Walker. (University of Texas and Detroit Lions quarterback Bobby Layne attended Highland Park High School at the same time that Walker did.) Kershaw dropped football to concentrate on baseball, but Highland Park went on to win the state football championship anyway.

In Kershaw’s senior year at Highland Park High School, in a playoff game, he struck out every batter…..nd these were big schools, the second highest classification in Texas. Struck out 15 in a row. One ball was grounded into the third base dugout. There was one popfoul over the backstop. That was it. The game was stopped after 5 innings by mercy rule.

In high school, when not pitching, Kershaw played first base. In another playoff game that year, held in the minor league ballpark in Frisco, Texas, Kershaw, a lefty, hit a 410 foot home run to left center field.



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