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baseball: NY Yankees pitching staff

Andy Pettite: an average lefty. He may last forever, but that doesn’t make him Warren Spahn.

Mike Mussina: slipping badly. He’s Bert Blyleven, except with better teams. He’s at the age when Bert lost it. Below average.

Phil Hughes: The Yankees seem to think that big guys are the way to go. An interesting concept. I guess they are obsessed with Roger Clemens. Hmmm. Good luck with all that. Hughes is a great prospect. Why were the Yanks trying so hard to trade him….? because they’re stupid. See Melky Cabrera.

Joba Chamberlain: So hyped it’s hard to tell what he’s really got. He wins the 38 year old Roger Clemens lookalike contest. What conclusion can you draw from that? will he look like David Wells in three years? is he on the juice? At this point you have to be enthusiastic, but something about this guy disturbs me.

Chien-Ming Wang: a gaudy W-L record but he isn’t that good. When you walk 3 and strike out 5 a game, things are gonna get ugly more of the time than you’d like. He’s certainly better than average, but not all that much. Don’t be surprised if he goes 16-14 this year.

Mariano Rivera: 38 years old. Who knows where the time goes. I assume he’s gonna yield to Chamberlain. So why does the GM sign him to a new three year, 45 million dollar contract, when he should have traded him? idiots…
Overall, average. If both Hughes and Chamberlain progress, better than average.

Overall: this is a team that has one great player, a couple of good players, and a couple of potentially very good players, with Rip Van Winkle at the GM position. What’s the opposite of Moneyball?

Where will they finish? well, I’d say they have enough to beat Toronto, Baltimore and Tampa Bay, fergodsakes, but they aren’t in Boston’s class……I’d say they finish 84-78 and I don’t see how they can get a wild card slot.


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