NY Yankees, part 8: Melky Cabrera

Twenty three years old, and the Yanks were shopping him for anyone and everyone. I guess they knew he’s the only position player who has any value (A Rod is not a position player…he’s an untouchable god). His closest comparable hitter at age 22 is Sixto Lescano, not a bad player, and he’s like Chet Lemon, and Roberto Clemente, of all people, is on the list.  I think the fact that they were shopping him shows one of two things: either the front office is staffed by idiots, or he just isn’t that good.  I’m thinking it’s the former. Certainly he’s a decent centerfielder. So if he hits like Sixto Lescano or Chet Lemon, he’s a good player.

Projections: this guy is gonna get better.  12 HR, BA .290, OBP 350.  The Yanks are average in CF, and they might be a little better than average, if he comes along quickly. Unless they trade him for another old first baseman.

Well, that does it for the position players.  The disaster shaping up at first largely outweighs the superstar at third.  And otherwise they are, on average, exactly average, and the injury potential is large.

Tomorrow: the pitching staff.

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