NY Yankees, part 6: Jason Giambi

Will he even start? if he does the Yanks are in even worse shape than I thought. No point mincing words over this guy….stick a fork in him.

37 years old, no juice, no fielding, no baserunning, old, slow, geez. A subpar player, without question. I don’t know what his contract is, but if I’m Giambi, I wouldn’t be buying a condo in NY, if you catch my drift. And this Juan Miranda guy, 25 years old and ex-Cuba? Sorry, but even the rosiest projections are only average for a first baseman. Who else? Morgan Ensberg? just a journeyman, on the downslope also. Posada? is that an upgrade? Wilson Betemit? you’re kidding, right? Projections: hits .240, 12 HR, 60 RBI…yadda, yadda…..

First base is definitely below average.

How did the Yankee front office spend the winter? watching the Knicks?


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