NY Yankees: part 2: Derek Jeter

Jeter, like Abreu, is 34, and has been a valuable and durable player, but, also like Abreu, his fielding and speed and power are slipping. He is a below average shortstop in the field. Unlike Abreu, most of his batting numbers are still holding above average.  He can live off that for another year, and he is the heart of the Yankees, at least in the eyes of the fans.  Jeter will probably miss 15 games, hit .300, with an OBP of .350, but his strikeouts and GDP will climb, because, as in the case of Abreu, the pitchers aren’t going to be afraid of Jeter. HRs may be in the single digits, and most of them will be to the porch in right.  The Yanks better have somebody warming up in the wings….the injury bug can bite a 34 year old….I wonder what will become of Jeter next year…?

All in all, Derek Jeter is going to be an average shortstop this year.


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