John McCain, warmonger, loves him some John Hagee, bigoted warmonger and Holocaust revisionist

Doddering old John McCain loves him some war, and he loves him some warmongering bigot John Hagee, fundamentalist Teevee preacher/profiteer. Hagee is an “end of days” kind of scare guy, who says that the Jews were to blame for the Holocaust, and that God wants war with Iran, in order to trigger the final wipe-out of the Jews.

He fools people because he is seemingly “pro-Israel,” but that is just part of the “prophesy.” This guy is way crazier than even Dick Cheney and nutso John Bolton.

….it is Hagee who is at the bleeding edge of a Christian Zionist movement seeking to accelerate the Second Coming of Christ and the final battle in Israel. Since the 1990’s, Hagee and his group CUFI (Christians United for Israel) has tried without success to breed the “red heifer,” the perfect calf that will signal the Second Coming.” As Sarah Posner wrote in the American Prospect, “for Hagee’s new project – agitating for war with Iran – his influence over Washington is less important than his influence over his audience.” His book Jerusalem Countdown sold over 500,000 copies.


McCain courted Hagee and received and welcomed his endorsement.

Here is a vid of Hagee spouting his hate nonsense about Catholics. There is no worse bigot in the United States than his man.

conservative (and Catholic) law professor Stephen Bainbridge argues that the protests over McCain/Hagee don’t go far enough, and concludes: “this is even worse than McCain’s about face on Bob Jones University. It’s extremely disappointing.”


Don’t let the media fool you with their mindless “straight talk” nonsense: McCain is a pandering old creep with no principles and not much of a brain left.



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5 responses to “John McCain, warmonger, loves him some John Hagee, bigoted warmonger and Holocaust revisionist

  1. in2thefray

    Is Hagee ( who i agree is a complete POS) to McCain what Farrakhan is to Obama ?

  2. rix

    Fray, there’s no similaries. Obama did not solicit Farrakhan’s endorsement & rejected it when it was made. By McCain’s reasoning, Obama need not have spurned Farrakhan. To McCain, there’s no reciprocity implied.

  3. I agree with rix; but of course the media and the GOP will try to make some equivalence where there isn’t any. Hillary Clinton’s pathetic efforts to drum up “issues” are gonna hurt the Democrats. If she doesn’t drop out after she loses Texas, the Party better have a long talk with her.

  4. in2thefray

    @sees ,thanks for getting back,and I appreciate the insight from rix. I was curious how people were looking at this and from a WPBA stance seesdifferent and I are on different ends,just think it’s good to talk. Take care

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