Wall Street Journal touts Old John McCain as another Churchill, doesn’t mention STROKE

and also compares McCain, who wants to be the oldest man ever elected president, to old Ronnie Reagan, who had Alzheimers, which the Wall Street Journal op ed by Ryan Cole also fails to mention. I wonder why the Wall Street Journal fails to mention these things….

...in 1951, Churchill again became Prime Minister….In June 1953, when he was 78, Churchill suffered a stroke at 10 Downing Street. News of this was kept from the public and from Parliament, who were told that Churchill was suffering from exhaustion. He went to his country home, Chartwell, to recuperate from the effects of the stroke which had affected his speech and ability to walk.[43] He returned to public life in October to make a speech at a Conservative Party conference at Margate.[43][168] However aware that he was slowing down both physically and mentally, Churchill retired as Prime Minister in 1955 and was succeeded by Anthony Eden. (Wikipedia)

The fact is that people’s minds start to go after they’re 60, and by 70 they are basically dumbbells, going along on habit and familiar surroundings. Their ability to absorb new knowledge and deal with challenges is extremely limited.

To elect John McCain as president when he’s 72 is a guarantee that he will be dumb, and certainly risks death or catastrophic disability while in office. Dealing with a huge jerk like Bush has been a constitutional challenge. Do we really want to have another crisis with a partially debilitated president? Do we want a president who becomes a doddering sham, allowing the country to be controlled by political operatives like Karl Rove?

I can see that the Wall Street Journal would be perfectly happy with that. “… he’s a mere broth of a lad.”

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