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Huge plastic debris fields in Pacific, twice the size of US

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A “plastic soup” of waste floating in the Pacific Ocean is growing at an alarming rate and now covers an area twice the size of the continental United States, scientists have said.

The vast expanse of debris – in effect the world’s largest rubbish dump – is held in place by swirling underwater currents. This drifting “soup” stretches from about 500 nautical miles off the Californian coast, across the northern Pacific, past Hawaii and almost as far as Japan.

Charles Moore, an American oceanographer who discovered the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” or “trash vortex”, believes that about 100 million tons of flotsam are circulating in the region.

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Tsk, tsk, Sec. Gates; shouldn’t tell lies to Congress…..

Defense Secretary Gates told Congress:

The Taliban no longer occupy any territory in Afghanistan. They were thrown out of Musa Qala a few weeks ago before over Christmas. And the Taliban have had some real setbacks. Probably 50 of their leaders have been killed or captured over the past year, and we know that that’s had an impact on their capability and also on their morale.

hmmm; I’m sure you think you’re parsing words very cleverly, but to me, that’s just plain lying.  I mean, who does, say, Condi Rice, think we are we fighting?

Britain and the United States have issued a renewed appeal to Nato allies in Afghanistan to take on a greater share of the fighting against the Taliban.

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, in London for talks with Gordon Brown and Foreign Secretary David Miliband, acknowledged that the alliance is facing a “real test”.

With the crucial Nato summit looming in Bucharest in April, both Ms Rice and Mr Brown emphasised the need for greater “burden-sharing” within the alliance.

Their comments reflected the intense frustration in both London and Washington at the unwillingness of countries such as Germany, Italy and Spain to deploy troops in southern Afghanistan where the fighting is fiercest.


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