Israel continues to outkill Palestinians 10 to 1.


According to the 2007 annual report of B’Tselem, the Israeli human rights organization, Hamas and Jihad killed twenty-four Israeli civilians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip during 2006 and 2007 and thirteen Israeli military personnel.

In retaliation, Israel escalated the pace of its targeted assassinations of Hamas and Jihad militants, killing hundreds of civilians in the process. Based on B’Tselem’s 2007 annual report, a Ha-Aretz investigation (Jan. 14, 2008) concluded that Israeli forces killed 816 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip during 2006 and 2007; at least 360 of them were civilians not affiliated with any armed organizations; 152 of the casualties were under age 18, and 48 were under the age of 14.



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3 responses to “Israel continues to outkill Palestinians 10 to 1.

  1. Jessica

    We all know it’s because the terrorist hide in civilian houses. So the headlines are always- Israeli’s kill several palestinians civilians. I believe there is one solution to this problem- terrorist of Hamas should have their Jihad away from civilians. Why should civilians die because of them, right? So, then this war could be fair. Soldier facing soldier. (actually is soldier facing terrorist)

  2. Colin in Canada

    If the cowards of Hamas would not use the civilians as human shields, then a lot less would be killed.

  3. Adam (UK)

    I’m sorry to say you are both extremely misguided individuals. If you would just look at the facts on the ground in an unbaised manner you would see that, yes people are killing each other on both sides, but Israel is by far the highly armed aggressor (and occupier) here. I am sure you are both set in your beleifs, but I ask you genuinely to review your mindless support of murderous Isreali foreign policy.

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