Michigan Republicans are morons

Let me get this straight: these benighted folk think that Mitt Romney, he of the ultrarich business CEO class that took down the American auto industry, is the savior?  Good luck with all that, and oh, there’s an arsonist who wants a job with your fire department…..

Not that I mind Romney winning…I’m ecstatic. I had picked McCain to win, because I was wrongly convinced that Michiganders (of which I was once one) had enough sense to vote for the only guy with a chance of winning in the fall, John McCain. Poor old John. Bad as he is….

It may be that people are just burnt out on the Iraq war, McCain, and all the broken promises; it may be that soon the single biggest issue will be “the economy, stupid,” all across the country… but the idea that big business is the champion of the little guy is completely delusional.  The business of big business is exploitation of the little guy. That’s why we need government, to balance that out. Instead, our government has become just another weapon in big business’ array of armaments against the little guy.



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4 responses to “Michigan Republicans are morons

  1. fongchow

    being from michigan it was upsetting to see on cnn yesterday that when they asked a 30 something whom she was voting for, she voted for mitt because of his father god i am 58 and i dont remember the man. to vote for someone just because he was born here and not the issues what a waste

  2. TRM

    So Government (a big “inept” business) is going to save us from Corporations (“profitable” big business) hmmmm

  3. in2thefray

    I’m just a working stiff myself but really. Do employees really have a right to a job ? I also want say something about the companies Bain & Romney have shuttered. KB Toys. Kind of a raw deal $$ wise with Bain in a win win situation. The company (KB) wasn’t long for the world though really. Competing against Toys R Us and Walmart on one end of the toy scale and online entities for other side how could KB have rallied. They were failing (DOA ?) prior to Bain. Ampad….Newly reorganized. Suppliers to Staples, Walmart as well as their own line. All post Bain. Dade Behring. Still around in a difficult market.Actually facing aquisition ? My point is these 3 are held out by some (Ma. AFL/CIO) as the big anti Mitt trio. Seems a little weak.

  4. in2thefray

    Seesdifferent looking forward to seeing your post on the 20th. (WPBA Bush post) Take care

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