The United Arab Republics: Bush’s idea of paradise

If you want to know what kind of “democracy” George Bush has been trying to spread, read smintheus at dkos.

…bizarrely, Bush described the Emirates – an oligarchy where government officials are appointed rather than elected – as a model society for others to emulate ….

Well, Bush’s flattering portrait does apply at least to a small minority of the Emirates’ population. However some 80% of residents, immigrants who make up nearly the entire workforce in the U.A.E., have few rights, no chance to become citizens, and virtually no opportunity for improving their lot.

Quite the opposite, immigrant construction workers (who built the opulent hotel Bush spoke in) are routinely cheated out of wages, restricted in their movement, and forced to toil in dangerous conditions. Death and injury are common. Domestic workers are treated worse, if anything. The abuse is so pronounced that it sparked rioting in 2006. Meanwhile those who try to defend human rights in the country are harassed by the government.

On top of that, many immigrants to the U.A.E. are essentially slaves, as the U.S. State Dept. reported last June….

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